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Insulation Specialists

Welcome at Insulation Specialists
Over 15 years of experience

With us You will find BEST INSULATED PANELS & eco friendly WINDOWS
that saves you money while maintaining the highest quality.

We can prepare whole building kits for You.

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Manufactured in Europe

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Over 15 years of experience

With over 15 years of experience in the steel building industry, we have honed our expertise through numerous realized projects, including my role as a general contractor. These projects have not only deepened our knowledge but have also solidified my commitment to excellence.
We can prepare whole building kits for You.


Insulated Wall
and Roof Panels 

We offer a comprehensive range of insulated wall and roof panels manufactured using three various cores, accessories and systems of flashings.These panels are also resistant to corrosive factors. They keep their parameters when exposed to moisture, steam, snow, wind, sun, chemicals or other difficult conditions.


Aluminium and PVC Custom Windows

Our custom windows combine durability, high level of thermal insulation and unique aesthetics. Wide personalization options and the option of adjusting the blinds allow for complete freedom of arrangement.

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